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Life's motto "Living is Christ, dying is gain" is also my life's struggle

Updated: May 27, 2021

Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated with Philippians 1:21 where Paul wrote "For me, living is Christ and dying is gain." This is something that I find very simple to say, but sometimes impossible to live out. I have since my youth tried to live my life like this. Sometimes feeling successful while other times feeling light years away from this reality. What is fascinating about this is that Paul did not just say it but lived it until his death. Was Paul perfect in this? To some extent we would have to say yes. Everything that Paul did in his life was for Christ. He lived for the advancement of the gospel throughout the known world and eventually gave his life as a martyr. Every step and move he took was for the Kingdom of God. He seemed to not struggle with the materialism and self-centeredness that most of us struggle with today. I know, that last statement is true for everyone but you! It would seem that Paul really did live up to both parts of that staement. Live for Christ, dying is gain was truly the motto of his life.

It's easy to agree that to die is gain. After all the promise of heaven (eternal life in the new earth) without pain and suffering is something that we all yearn for. The last part of the verse isn't a problem for most Christians because we are looking forward to the day that we step into eternity. The problem is the "living is Christ" part of the verse. In modern Christianity many Christians will say this and have it as their life's motto; but must of the time will never live up to it. We could make excuses like: It's harder today than it was in Paul's time, etc; but the truth is it boils down to the condition and desires of our heart. We have, I am afraid, become so comfortable in our lifestyles that we do very little living for Christ. I know in my own life there has been times were I have forgot that for the Christian "living is Christ," and went off on my own path. Sometimes lasting a few days and sometimes a few years. This is why I am so thankful for the grace of God and His patience with me as He takes me through the process of santification.

What I desire to do with this blog is write about my own journey with God and how I learn to live this motto "living is Christ, and dying is gain" in it's fullness. I will also be writing reviews of different books that I read, and doing devotionals through different books of the bible. Also want to use this blog to help develop my writing skills. Besides this if there is any specific topic that you would like me to write about then you can send me an email:

Looking forward to hearing from you as we start this journey togehter.

- B


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